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Meet The Designer

Hi there! I’m Blessing, and I’m a sewing addict!

Let me take you back to when it all started. I was born and grew up on the lovely island of Barbados.From a child I've always been around a sewing machine, my Mother would sew all the uniforms for my sister and I and let's not forget those matching outfits. I started off threading needles, then hemming dresses and finally making clothes for myself. As I got older I realised how much I LOVE art and sewing which encouraged me to attain my  Associates Degree in Fashion Design. While I enjoyed making clothes, that wasn't where my heart was. While working in a leather repair shop my love for handbags grew, and here we are now. While sewing is my first love, I also enjoy the designing process very much. I love to capture the essence of the island in my designs, whether it is in a fabric, shape, color or feeling. Each design is made  for the Caribbean woman, and if you're not from the Isles it will surely transport you there.

About Our Leather

The Process

It's not just the designing that is important, it's also how each piece is made. Each bag is sewn by hand making it unique in its own little way. While the process may be tedious it's well worth it. Handmade means more sustainable, a high quality and it's creating a piece of art.

I absolutely love what I do and I hope you enjoy!

-Blessing xoxo

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